Can A Broken Tooth Crown Be Repaired?

Are you dealing with a broken crown in Austin and wondering if you have any chance of fixing it? 

Well, the short answer is yes, though it can depend on the state of your crown. Check out this short guide to learn how Dr. Sumit Kumar may attempt to repair your broken tooth.

How Can Dental Crowns Break?

Though tooth crowns are designed to last 10–15 years, they can still break, crack, or even chip.

Here are some common reasons why a dental crown may break:

  • Regular wear and tear (for older dental crowns)
  • Grinding your teeth while sleeping
  • Chewing on hard objects
  • Eating lots of hard foods
  • Opening packages with your teeth
  • Smoking and drinking lots of alcohol
  • Improper oral hygiene habits, etc.

When Can a Dental Crown Be Repaired?

If the crown is only slightly chipped, it can be successfully repaired with just a bit of drilling. This is a good solution if the crown itself is still in good condition, but the chip has created a sharp edge that may create some discomfort.

For larger chips and cracks, dental resin is usually a great solution. It’s applied directly to the tooth, modeled, and then hardened using a special light. The resin can last 5 years or more with the right care.

There are also cases where a broken crown is perfectly intact but just fell out for whatever reason. Such crowns are usually placed on top of the tooth in just a few minutes.

When Does a Tooth Crown Need Replacing?

If the crown is badly chipped, cracked, or broken, then you most likely need to have it replaced.

The role of a dental crown is to protect the natural tooth underneath from cavity-causing bacteria. With severe damage, the crown cannot be successfully reconstructed with dental resin, so your dentist might recommend a new crown to make sure the tooth underneath doesn’t get damaged down the line.

Potential Complications

The scenarios above are only possible assuming the natural tooth is still intact. The dental crown sits on top of a resized tooth, but if there is any damage to it, you may need to explore your other tooth replacement options.

A damaged natural tooth might not be strong enough to support a dental crown, and your restoration could fail later on under the tiniest pressure.

If this is the case, the natural tooth may require an extraction. You can then get it replaced with a dental bridge or even an implant if you’re a good candidate for one.

Get Your Broken Crown Repaired ASAP 

Did you know a broken dental crown is a common dental emergency? Let Dr. Sumit Kumar help restore your oral health with swift and expert care!

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