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What Counts As A Dental Emergency?

If you’re wondering what exactly counts as a dental emergency, keep on reading this short blog post.

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I Broke My Crown, What Do I Do?

Dental crowns can chip, crack, or even break because of many reasons. Here are the next steps you should follow!

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Is Dry Socket a Dental Emergency?

Whenever you have a tooth taken out, there is a possibility of developing a dry socket. Learn more in this blog.

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Is An Abscess A Dental Emergency?

What if you have an abscess? Is that a dental emergency or can you wait until regular office hours to get it treated?

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Welcome to Emergency Dentist of Austin!

We know that when you’re entering Emergency Dentist of Austin, you’re coming in with pain, panic, and fear. That’s why our team is ready to deliver convenient, cutting-edge care in a comfortable environment. No matter the issue you’re struggling with, we can soothe your pain and create a treatment plan that sets you up for successful healing.

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