Why Do I Need An Emergency Extraction?

Emergency extractions are usually only recommended when a tooth is too damaged or unhealthy to be saved. For example, extractions may be recommended if you have an infected tooth that can’t be saved with a root canal or extensive damage to multiple teeth due to untreated gum disease. Unhealthy wisdom teeth also sometimes require emergency extractions. If you think that you need a tooth extraction in Austin, contact us right away at ‪(512) 961-6200. Your doctor will discuss your options and help you get out of pain, and back to your normal daily life.

We Offer

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Simple Extractions

Surgical Extractions

Bone Grafts

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How We Extract Teeth

Numbing & Sedation

To begin the process, your emergency dentist in Austin will numb the treatment area to eliminate your pain. They also provide nitrous oxide sedation to help you stay comfortable.

Basic Extractions

In a basic extraction, your doctor will use special tools to loosen your tooth. Then, they will grasp it with dental forceps and pull it out. After that, they'll sanitize and suture the area to ensure it heals properly. The process of extracting each tooth usually takes only a few minutes.

Surgical Extractions

Surgical extractions may be needed for broken teeth or impacted wisdom teeth. In this procedure, your doctor will make an incision into your gums, cut the tooth into pieces, and extract it piece-by-piece. Then, they'll clean and sanitize the area and close the incision.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions about tooth extractions, and we’ve got answers. Read on and get all the details you need.

Do You Offer Sedation?

Yes. We offer nitrous oxide sedation, which is a safe and effective way to manage both pain and dental anxiety throughout your appointment.

What Are My Post-Op Instructions?

You’ll need to take things easy for the rest of the day, and follow your doctor’s instructions as you recover. Some of the steps you’ll need to take include eating a diet of soft foods, avoiding smoking and using straws, and cleaning your extraction site with saltwater.

Are Extractions Covered By Insurance?

Since they are medically necessary procedures, emergency extractions will almost always be covered by dental insurance, up to all of your insurer’s applicable limits. However, all insurers and plans are different. We recommend consulting directly with your policy information and your insurer to understand your coverage.

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