Can You Do a Root Canal on a Broken Tooth?

Most people know that root canals are used to treat badly infected teeth. The dentist drills the tooth to reach the infected pulp, cleans it, and then fills it to protect it from further decay. 

But, what happens in the case of a broken tooth? Are root canals still an option? 

Yes, Root Canals Can Be Done on Broken Teeth 

Before anything, it's important to note that a broken tooth is a dental emergency and you should get in touch with the Emergency Dentist of Austin as soon as possible. You can reach Dr. Sumit Kumar at 646-907-8057 and she will schedule you for a same-day appointment. 

Unlike a cracked tooth, where there's just a small crack in the surface of the tooth, a broken tooth has lost a visible part of the crown. And, the most common treatment for a cracked tooth is usually a root canal, followed by a restoration like a filling or dental crown. 

What If I Broke My Front Tooth? 

More often than not, front teeth get broken because of some sort of trauma like a blow to the mouth or an impact. In the case of front teeth, a root canal is usually needed if the pulp has been affected. If there is no damage to the pulp, your dentist may decide to treat it differently. 

In some cases, a root canal may be used even if the pulp has not been affected as a prophylactic measure. For example, if you need a crown to restore a front tooth, but you don't have enough tooth structure, then a root canal can help restore your oral health. 

What If I Broke a Back Tooth? 

Back teeth usually need a root canal for different reasons than front teeth. Tooth decay and infections are the most common reasons for breakage in back teeth. 

Dr. Sumit Kumar will always try to save the tooth, but if the damage is too severe, extraction may be the only solution. If a root canal is possible, then the dentist will drill through the tooth to access the pulp and remove the decayed or damaged parts. Then, depending on the extent of the damage, she will close the tooth with a filling or crown. If you need a crown, Dr. Sumit Kumar will take impressions of your tooth and fit you with a temporary crown. You will need a second appointment to get the permanent crown cemented to your tooth. 

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